Welcome to my new website! Many smart people (well, smarter than me anyway) put in a ton of sweat to make this the exciting adventureland that it is, so I hope you’ll keep coming back here again and again. This is the only place you’ll find 24/7 updates on all of my work: theater and television shows, concerts, public appearances, and even my occasional trip to the gas station (because we all know how exciting those can be). This site is also where you’ll find our latest merch, sample our oh-so-tasty MY FIRST CRUSH wines, check out new and old pics of my family and friends, and even read a weekly letter like this one. As I’ve done on Facebook for a number of years, I’ll be sharing random thoughts and feelings with a positive spin. I hope you’ll do the same and use this site as a gathering place; a safe haven to feel more connected in our often disconnected world.

Look forward to seeing everyone on the road this winter. New dates to be announced soon!

With love and gratitude,


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