In 2019, when I played my first live music show in almost forty years, I thought I was doing it to reclaim a part of my life that I’d missed and to share songs and stories that might have meaning to people. All of this proved to be true, but what I didn’t realize was that by going on the road again, I was opening the door to a deeper level of connection. Covid was terribly isolating, but for some time now, I’ve believed the greater epidemic in our country has been loneliness. So many folks, old and young, feel disconnected from each other. So, when we come together, at a dinner table, in a church, or yes, at a concert, it can be healing medicine. I’ve heard this from so many of you and I see it at the shows: friends, families, total strangers, all coming together to sing and dance and share a deeply emotional journey; pure happiness released like a thousand joy balloons. 

I look forward to sharing more of this joy with you at my holiday shows next month and I promise we’ll celebrate not only the music and the stories, but our greater collective family. 

Happy Sunday!



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