This is a note that was sent to me from a woman who was at my show in Portland, Maine Saturday night. Her name is Hope Hall and she and her husband own a local goat farm called Sunflower Farm Creamery. I found her thoughts so poignant, I wanted to share them with you all.


“As a mature adult, people sometimes have the tendency to see us only as our current age. It can feel limiting. Your beautifully crafted show celebrated the fact that at any given moment we are all the ages we have ever been. What a gift! (And man, most singers voices don’t keep getting better, but you sounded great!)

Before the show, I listened to your old tunes on Spotify while making cheese and enjoyed letting memories unfold; ones I had not visited in decades. I even messaged my elementary school best friend and we chatted a bit about all kinds of things, including the fact that we both had the same poster of you on our wall! What fun it was to feel 12 again, with all the added wisdom and perspective and complexity of being 53.

Your show was truly brilliant in highlighting that everyone, at every age, is brimming with stories. Ones that buoy us, and weigh us down, and no matter how different we are, at the core those stories are anchored in the same rich, timeless human feelings.

It was a gift of a night in every way. Something about how all the pieces came together felt transformative. Bring on the next 50ish years! And huge cheers to whatever comes next in the decades ahead for you and your family!

Thanks for coming to Maine!

Ps… New Amsterdam has been my husband and my favorite show to watch together over the past year, so thanks for continuing to be a source of rich entertainment all these years later!”

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