There are times in this life when our true purpose hits us square in the face. These are the moments when we’re again reminded that we’re not here for our job, or for money, achievement, social standing, or any of these other distractions. I’m talking about the times where it becomes absolutely clear that our highest calling is to make the world a better place through the people we love. And who better to hold a mirror up to that purpose than our children?

My oldest son, Jake, married an extraordinary woman during the pandemic, but they were denied a celebration because of quarantine. Well, this weekend, three years after the fact, Jake and his bride, Georgie, finally had their long-awaited wedding celebration at our home. Georgie, who is Australian, had her entire crew here and we were so grateful to finally connect with them in person. They are all lovely folks, and we are a better family for their now being part of it.

As for my clarity of purpose reminder, that came in the form of hearing Jake and Georgie’s friends speak about how important both of these people are in their lives. As a dad, it’s easy to be genetically predisposed to being dazzled by your offspring, but to hear others talk of your son and daughter-in-law with such respect… with such honest, emotional feeling… Well, I can’t imagine anything more gratifying.

Thank you, Jake, for being the man I always knew you might one day become. And Georgie? Thank you for seeing my son’s heart and knowing that you would both be better on this road for each other’s company.

I love you both. Deeply.



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