Happy Birthday Mom

This picture of mom was taken on her 21st birthday by my grandfather, Paul Jones. The flowers were gifts from fans who’d recently discovered her – and her glorious singing voice – in the motion picture “Oklahoma.” Mom would soon begin shooting her second film for Rodgers & Hammerstein, “Carousel,” and in a few years, […]

Happy New Year

Twenty years ago, I visited a dear friend who lives in Fiji. I brought my then girlfriend, Tracey, and we celebrated New Year’s 2004. We hiked and swam, enjoyed a local church service, and left marveling at the beauty of the land and the goodness of the people. Cut ahead two decades: Tracey and I […]


Last night in Nashville, on my off night between shows in Birmingham and The Grand Opry, our dear friend and master chef Anthony Endy hosted a My First Crush wine dinner for forty at the amazing Troubadour Golf and Field Club. Many of the guests attending live at the Troubadour, so Tracey and I were […]


Dear friends, Because the holidays are upon us and I will be traveling this Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to reach out to offer a toast and a gift — my literary version of bringing a bottle of wine and a pie to your table. (Do you prefer pumpkin or pecan? Syrah or Pinot Noir?) As […]


In 2019, when I played my first live music show in almost forty years, I thought I was doing it to reclaim a part of my life that I’d missed and to share songs and stories that might have meaning to people. All of this proved to be true, but what I didn’t realize was […]


I’m excited to announce the official launch of the My First Crush wine club! As many of you know, we are partnered with No Kid Hungry, a great organization that feeds hungry kids nationwide. We have revved up production and will now be shipping to almost every state, offering some exceptional New Release and Limited-Edition […]


There are times in this life when our true purpose hits us square in the face. These are the moments when we’re again reminded that we’re not here for our job, or for money, achievement, social standing, or any of these other distractions. I’m talking about the times where it becomes absolutely clear that our […]


This is a note that was sent to me from a woman who was at my show in Portland, Maine Saturday night. Her name is Hope Hall and she and her husband own a local goat farm called Sunflower Farm Creamery. I found her thoughts so poignant, I wanted to share them with you all. […]


Welcome to my new website! Many smart people (well, smarter than me anyway) put in a ton of sweat to make this the exciting adventureland that it is, so I hope you’ll keep coming back here again and again…


Most people try to do special things on their birthday. I try to do everyday things that make my life special. First up will be lunch with my mom because it’s her “birth” day too, right? And as my mother will be ninety in March, these days are to be treasured…